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Proud to be Pembrokeshire

Cheese Glorious Cheese

Proud to be Pembrokeshire!

We’ve partnered up with award-winning Pembrokeshire artisan cheese supplier, Pant Mawr Cheeses, to bring our customers the very best locally sourced products!

Nestled in the picturesque Hamlet of Rosebush, at the foot of the Preseli Hills - just 10 miles from the Mill - Pant Mawr Cheeses, was established in 1985, by David and Cynthis Jennings, and has become a staple in the local community. Using local milk combined with self-taught skills and unique recipes, they create mouth-watering traditional handmade cheeses.

Here at Black Pool Mill, we pride ourselves on bringing sustainably sourced, local produce to the table and by working with suppliers like Pant Mawr, we know that every dish we plate is top quality. Working with local suppliers also allows us to reduce our environmental footprint by cutting shipping and storage emissions and ultimately helps us build consumer confidence.

Cheese lovers rejoice!

With the help of these great products, we’ve put together a delicious cheese platter, that will tickle your tastebuds, including Caws Cerwyn (the light and creamy one), Caws Preseli (the mildly tangy and fruity one), Drewi-Sant/Smelly Saint (the one sprayed with honey mead wine) and Mature Cerwy (the one matured five to six months)

Having Pant Mawr on our doorstep has enabled our relationship to go beyond ‘buyer and seller’. Our chefs and front of house team were able to meet David prior to our opening and enjoy a tasting event, where they learnt more about how the cheeses are produced and perfected – as well as what the initial inspiration for creating the cheeses was.  

Let them eat cheese!

The mill opened to the public last month (May) and our cheeseboard has been an immediate success! Happy customer, Poppy Kucyj, said:

“I ordered the cheeseboard and was not disappointed! Each cheese had its own distinct and beautiful flavour – I could tell that they were great quality!”

Our cheeseboard is served during lunch and dinner daily, alongside an array of exquisite dishes that showcase the best in Welsh gastronomy.

Book now, or pop by, to experience the charm and beauty of the past while indulging in the flavours of the present, and soak in the majestic history of the restored building and its surroundings in the heart of Pembrokeshire’s National Park.