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Come celebrate with us!

Hen Galan: Welsh New Year

On Friday 12th January we’re celebrating the Welsh New Year, or ‘Hen Galan’ as it’s known in these parts. Traditionally celebrated in the Gwaun Valley in North Pembrokeshire, Hen Galan is a hangover from when Britain and its empire ditched the Julian calendar, which had been in use since the days of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. It was replaced by the Gregorian calendar to some religious opposition as people felt the changes were Catholic and in making September shorter people felt as if 11 days were being taken away from them unjustly.

Some communities carried on celebrating festivals such as Christmas and New Year and the accompanying rituals late. Which is how Hen Galan, Welsh for "old New Year", remains an integral part of the Gwaun Valley’s identity and culture.

Steeped in its own sense of history, Black Pool Mill will embrace the celebratory spirit and offer a free bottle of Prosecco for all tables. So if you want to extend the New Year celebrations for a tiny bit longer, book in for dinner on Friday, January 12th and enjoy a meal in the uniquely historic mill.

Blwyddyn Newydd dda i chi (A happy new year to you).