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£30,000 donated to children's charities

Women in Wales Charity Event

Earlier this month (July), we hosted a charity event where £30,000 was donated to five
children's projects in the area and throughout Wales.

The Women in Wales trustees organised the event which took place in our historic mill. 

The charity, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024, donated the money following its
annual fundraising lunch in Cardiff in May.

The Women in Wales charity organises an annual luncheon to fundraise for children’s
projects in Wales which are selected after application by the Trustees of the charity.

Cheques were presented to:

£7,000 to Dreams & Wishes
£8,000 to Pembrokeshire Food Story
£5,000 to Ty Hafan
£6,000 to Sandy Bear Bereavement Charity
£3,000 to Pembrokeshire Riding for the Disabled
A donation of £1,000 was also to MPCT.

Chair of Women in Wales, Betsan Powell, said: “The Women in Wales lunch has become a
firm fixture in the social calendar of women from all walks of life. The success of the event is
due to a hardworking committee and the support of businesses up and down the country,
working together to fund children’s projects in Wales.”

Head of Black Pool Mill, Sarah Davies, said it was a privilege to host the event: "Women in 
Wales has raised tens of thousands of pounds over the years for good causes. It was good
to see several local charities involved in the latest presentation. We're pleased we could do
our bit for them."

Yvonne Buckingham, Director of Commercial at Bluestone National Park Resort, and an
ambassador for Women in Wales, was among the Women in Wales members presenting a
cheque to Pembrokeshire Food Story.

Yvonne said: “It was a privilege to be involved in the presentations by the Trustees in
addition to being able to use the Black Pool Mill venue. It’s good to know that children’s
charities in Pembrokeshire and throughout Wales will benefit from the money presented.”